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The secret of valued real estate: tips for getting ahead of the competition

Valuing your property in park view city can be simpler than you think.

Let’s go to a situation:

“I am selling my apartment! Complete, 3 bedrooms, suite, and panoramic view and very well located. It is the most promising neighborhood in the city and the price couldn’t be better! I don’t even need to advertise. I know that the demand is great here, but it is really different!

Remodeling? No; I lived 6 years of my life like that! It already has everything you need, believe me!

With this scenario, I thought that in a few weeks it would rain visitors and, consequently, the sale was just a matter of time.

However, returning home after a tiring day, I get on the elevator and I see the broker and a possible couple of buyers, but not for my property, which was repeated for several days.

I had a competitor!

It didn’t take long to find out which apartment it was. On the Internet? It was everywhere! Interestingly, he looked different, albeit with the same engineering plan. And not just for the price. In some rooms I had the feeling of being in a completely different building.

There was no other: rain of visits! And in a short time I already had new neighbors! ”

Identified yourself? The feeling should certainly not be the most pleasant…

Therefore, the next tips can be crucial to accelerate your goal of selling a property and guarantee a few steps ahead of the competition. After all, when selling, your property becomes a product and the competition needs to motivate you to be better.

In his book, “The architecture of happiness”, the philosopher Alain Botton says that the style, environment and appearance of each building deeply influence people. They have the ability to affect the sensitivity, mood and even the personality of those who are there.

Taking it into practice, making a good first impression and being aware of the factors that value the property, are crucial requirements for sale.

How to do this? Here are the tips:

1 – Renovations to enhance the property

In many cases, the prospective buyer will have a unique opportunity to get to know your good, and when it does, it is important that you don’t miss the chance to impress.

We understand that your apartment is perfect for you, but isn’t the proposal, exactly, that it cease to be yours?

An interesting analogy to make is to compare your property to a hotel room. In general, the vast majority are quite impersonal and for this reason, they manage to please different profiles.

Therefore, if necessary, consider the possibility of a simple reform. Neutral colors and minor repairs can enhance it. The more homogeneity the better, then, be careful with the excess. Your decoration ideal is not always the same as that of the buyer. It’s cliché, but believe me, it makes all the difference!

By choosing neutral, you minimize the chances of error and do not spend “rivers” of money on a renovation that cannot be added to the sale price. The improvements speed up the negotiation, however, the amount invested is not recovered adding it to the property valuation. This would prevent the market from absorbing it, that is, it would jeopardize the sale. The valuations are given by the price that the market absorbs each of these properties and is directly linked to issues such as location, vacancy, and not by the state of reform.

It is also worth paying attention to the organization, especially when visiting a possible buyer and taking the pictures for your ad. In 90% of the cases, interest first occurs on the web, where the photos are the “showcase”.

2 – Does the Price devalue a property?

Beating competitors and always being ahead is quite a challenge, however, many positions are won by those who can already see the price as one of the factors of appreciation of the house or apartment.

An incorrect assessment or even setting a price above the market may favor the sale of other properties similar to yours, but which are consistent with the assessed price. In other words, when comparing, depending on the variation, your property can “help” sell the competitor’s, if the price is much higher.

If you do not follow the market movement and public investments for your region, it will probably be a risk to propose a value for the sale.

In general, the real estate companies have specialized committees, which take the most varied criteria for decision making (trends in demand, location, particularities, sale value or rental of similar properties), discussed cautiously by several professionals.

A suggestion is to make an initial analysis of the prices already practiced in your neighborhood or even find out how much yours is worth. But, remember: the role of the broker to assist in the assessment remains critical. There are details that can only be identified personally and interfere considerably in the final price.

3- Make partnerships that also value

Valuing your good is also knowing how to sell it. Traditionally, a buyer is interested in real estate located in the region where he lives or has spent most of his life, so a company and / or broker who knows him will have a better chance of introducing him to a possible interested party.

In addition, knowing the structure and profile of who is working on the sale and her commitment to your need can change the direction of your negotiation.

Ah! And don’t forget, if your key is not available at the real estate agency, at least reserve a time to receive potential buyers. A sequence of “no”, can make them lose interest, as well as the intermediary himself chooses another property, easier to visit.

4 – Disclose, but in moderation  

Disclosure by many real estate agents does not guarantee a faster sale. On the contrary, it may disrupt the process and give the buyer the feeling that the owner is in financial difficulty and “desperate to sell” . Thus, buyers end up making an offer lower than the value of this property in the market. That is, it devalues!

The logical reason for this intense disclosure is the fear of not having a satisfactory number of interested customers – which is understandable. However, this risk is greater when the property is advertised in small or little known real estate companies. By choosing a large real estate company with a good track record in conducting your business, you not only minimize this danger but also add value and value to the property.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the rules established by the BH posture code. Law 10.893 / 2015, which, for example, limited the number of signs per property advertised to two.

5- Value being in the right place

Few people know, but the biggest real estate companies have partnerships with the main real estate portals, with the objective of expanding the reach of the disclosures and maximizing the possibilities of sale, without cost to the seller.

In 2017, real estate portals had a 14% increase in audience reaching more than 5 million visitors per month.

Of course, each house or apartment has its particularity – leisure, lighting design, quality flooring, garden and decoration planned by an architect can, yes, make a difference and value your good. However, there are several buyers, for each of them a different style and, of course, differences in “purchasing power”.

Therefore, seek to be attractive to your target audience by making improvements without high cost, neutral, that do not compromise the negotiation and, above all, know how to use the competition to your advantage!