The Largest Slot Machine Win In History

Slots are the simplest way to win a jackpot. All you need to do is bet by pressing a button, pull a lever and hope luck favors you. It’s a game of chance there is no way to develop any technique or strategy to succeed the game, so all you can do is pray for the most favorable odds.

But, winning at slots isn’t difficult. In fact, some have had luck with one spin and transformed into millionaires in just a few minutes. Are you interested in knowing what they’re like? Find out more about the lucky players at Slots.

The mobile millionaire is $11,600,000

The lucky person is identified as D.P. and holds records for most massive jackpot on the mobile phone. She took home more than $11.6 million from Mega Moolah. Mega Moolah slot. This proves that playing casino games online on mobile devices can turn you into a millionaire in only a few minutes.

At present, D.P remains as the person to have ever been the winner of a jackpot slot at an online casino. According to her that she was able to retire early with her husband . They were able to treat their children and grandchildren and take a trip to Europe.

The British soldier on a mission . $18,200,000.

On the 6th of October in 2015, 26-year-old British soldier Jonathan Heywood won the jackpot from slot olympus88 the game dubbed the “Millionaire Maker,” Mega Moolah from Microgaming. The winnings were $18,200,000. All that he needed to bet was just a quarter for one spin.

The win could not be more timely since Heywood’s dad was suffering from medical issues. He promised to invest his winnings to find the top hospitals and doctors who could work on his father’s surgery.

Lucky World War II Veteran – $21,000,000

Being a soldier for a country and having survived during the Second World War is a feat in and of itself. But that’s just the beginning of World War II Veteran, Elmer Sherwin. After having survived the conflict, this man demonstrated that luck is not something you are born with.

When he retired at about 80, Sherwin won a $4,600,000 jackpot from the Megabucks slot. After more than 12 years, Sherwin hit another jackpot when he played on a different Megabucks slot machine, but this time, he walked away with more than $21,000,000.

It’s an amazing achievement, especially considering that the chance of winning the prize on this machine is less than one million. In order to give back his community Elmer has donated some of his winnings to those affected by Katrina’s hurricane. Katrina.

The generous waitress for cocktails – – $34,900,000.

A waitress at a bar named Cynthia Jay-Brennan’s had her world changed when she scooped the jackpot of $34.9 million using the Megabucks machine.

On the 26th of January, 2000, she was at The Desert Inn Hotel to celebrate the birthday of the mother of her boyfriend’s. Following a meal, she tried her hand at the well-known game of slots. Her boyfriend was also there and advised her not to gamble over 100 dollars, which she accepted. She bet $3 with each spin . On the seventh attempt, which was her last she took home an amount that was the prize for winning.

After she was involved in an accident just a few weeks after her historic victory, she began donating regularly of the Free Wheelchair Mission and became an avid supporter of the campaigns to stop drunk driving.

The software engineer is a young man from Las Vegas – $39,700,000

A software engineer of the young age gambled on an additional Megabucks slot machine at the Excalibur Casino back in 2003. He bet about a hundred dollars on the slot machines and managed to win an incredible amount of $39,700,000.

Even to this day this incredible jackpot prize is thought of as the biggest slot jackpot win in the history of slots. This winner who would like not to be named is wise in his win as he determined to divide the prize into 25 equal annual installments so that he wouldn’t take it all out in one sitting.

Huge win on the Sphinx slot machine The Sphinx slot machine has won $42.9 million

During her time at the Resort World Casino, Katrina Bookman was lucky when she was playing the Sphinx slot machine. But, when the time came to pay in the winnings and was informed from the gambling establishment that the maximum amount of the slot was $6,500. To this day, Katrina is still fighting her case in the courtroom.