What is SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service and are generally 160 character text messages sent between cell phones. SMS uses a unique network that alerts the recipient the next the message arrives. SMS is an extremely fast and personal communication method on par with a phone call in perceived trust.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing may be the practice of creating lists of mobile numbers than sending SMS advertising messages to those lists. Lists can be built in many ways but you can find compliance rules set by the ACMA on what people consent to be opted into your lists. Unsolicited commercial messages sent to one is called spam and is illegal beneath the Australian Spam Act 2003.

Mobile marketers usually use an online SMS system to manage the SMS sending process. These bulk SMS systems range in price and functionality. SMS API Gateway The best SMS marketing platforms have a good mix of cheap SMS and web SMS features. Be sure you only deal with a reputable SMS gateway as delivery reliability may differ a lot.

Various kinds of SMS delivery

There are two main types of online SMS delivery. Direct connection where in fact the SMS gateway is plugged straight into the telco’s in your country, and International routing. International routes are operated by SMS aggregators which a gateway can utilise to provide more cost effective SMS marketing than direct connection.

Some international routes can be very unreliable and some providers will offer you extremely cheap prices nevertheless, you may end up paying exactly like a more reliable connection as you still pay for messages not delivered.

The best bulk SMS service could have a combination of good quality international routing and cheap sms prices. Should you have a service that will require guaranteed delivery such as a crisis or alert service you then should work with a direct local connection, even though that is still not 100% guaranteed to deliver it will provide you with the highest percentage of success.

It’ll generally cost double though.They are just the basics but building on these basics you can develop sophisticated mobile marketing campaigns that can quickly build great lists of loyal customers. So long as you keep your lists clean and respect your recipients wishes to stop receiving text messages from afterward you you will have great success.