Islamabad, the administrative centre city of Pakistan, is known to have caught the attention of plenty of holidaymakers from all corners of the planet. These travelers who are looking for a fun-filled holiday reserve flights to Islamabad well beforehand so that they can make their way to the town which seems so spectacular to every visitor.

Surrounded by Margalla Hills, this interesting city does not take a minute when it comes to attracting a tourist using its ever-lasting charm.

Welcome to the beautiful city of Islamabad!

Blue world city Recognized as the tenth largest town of Pakistan, Islamabad is the city which is known for its hospitality and friendly people. Individuals of the fascinating city greet every guest with a smile on the faces.

If you are searching forward to make the most out of your visit to the charming town of Islamabad, it indeed may be the right time to fly for a few excitement. This city never fails to charm anyone who has a deep fondness for the annals. This city has a rich historical history which no eager traveler would actually want to ignore.

Islamabad is a clean and booming metropolitan metropolis which takes a great sense of pride for having an excellent infrastructure. As a matter of known fact, it is an important political center where you would find the embassies of a lot of countries.

Are you one of those who admire living lifestyle on the edge? Do you take pride in phoning yourself an adrenaline junkie? You will absolutely take pleasure in adventurous activities like trekking, hiking and Para Gliding at Margalla Hills. You’ll not find even a single reason that doesn’t let you compare flights to Islamabad.

Are you ready to find some of the well-known tourist destinations in this charming city?

There are some of the favorite attractions in Islamabad you don’t want to miss plus they are mentioned below.

Islamabad Museum – You might like to begin your tour in the town by paying a trip to the Islamabad museum. Established in 1976, this museum offers exhibits and galleries offering information regarding the geology, paleontology and ecology of Pakistan. You can find around 30,000 items on display as of this museum.

Shah Faisal Mosque – Lying at the base of the Margalla Hills, the magnificent Shah Faisal Mosque is among the largest mosques of Asia.

This mosque reflects a perfect blend of traditional and modern architectural types. The main prayer hall and courtyard of this mosque can hold up to 100,000 people.

National MEMORIAL – The National MEMORIAL is the first art gallery which was opened to the public in the past in 2007. This gallery includes a four-storey and is equipped with all the modern facilities such as an auditorium that has a seating convenience of 400 people, an open air flow theatre along with other stage facilities as well.

Islamabad is among the most beautiful capitals in the world.The scenic views of green belts,elevated landforms and aserene surroundings leave a forever lasting effect on the mind of each one who visit this city. Even though idea of having a home in this heavenly area of Pakistan seems far reaching nonetheless it?s actually not.Who on Earth is going to refuse,if offered a very reasonablea nd affordable plan to own a house at the prime position on the map of Islamabad.Sounds alluring? Allow?s dig a little more and then you select yourself.