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Do printed menus have any extra appeal to customers?

When asked about restaurants the first thing which comes to our mind is great food, selfies, quality time, and tons of uploads on social media. But very few of us care about the design of menu cards. Though we take the photo of it and upload it on social media one cares about it.

But from now even the menu card of your restaurant will not be overlooked. Even restaurant owners do not invest in the menu card. They think it to be a way of informing about the dishes and prices.

But if looked at from an artistic perspective, the menu card is the first impression of the service of the restaurant which the customers get. So, as we all know, the first impression is the last impression of menu cards to have their own appeal.

For premier quality menu cards VC Print are the best in the business that provides restaurant menu printing as well as takeaway menu printing. For making menu cards more than just a catalogue for dishes one has to use the customized menu cards with designs selected by you.

The special purpose of customized menu cards

  • With the customized menu cards, you can select the type of paper quality you want. Whether you want 70 gsm, 100 gsm, or 150 gsm. For menu cards mostly the thickest paper quality is best as 70 gsm will be like a xerox of a document. Before ordering one can choose the quality on VC Print.
  • Customized menu cards induce a feeling in the minds of customers that the restaurant is trying its best. As of now the food has not been served so it is only the menu card with which the customer can get the idea about the quality of the food which will be served.
  • In normal menu cards the dishes are listed like attendance sheets and besides the name prices are given. But for making a menu card a marketing strategy the menu card needs to be given a personal touch.
  • On the cover page, the logo of the restaurant should be printed which will give a feeling of class and finesse. The customer too will feel that he or she is experiencing something which they have not witnessed yet.
  • As in present times when the world has been put under lockdown almost all of the orders are for the parcel. Such situations are an advantage for making your customized menu viral without much marketing cost.
  • With the food, keep a menu card also. When the person opens the order, his whole family will see your customized card. Thus, you caught the attention of the crowds through minimal investment.

Do not take takeaways for granted

The reason why most of the restaurants do not expand is the lack of vision and being ignorant about something important.

In the business of a restaurant that important thing is the negligence of takeaway orders. If the customer at home gets the menu card with photos of the luxurious ambience of your restaurant. The first place where he or she would take his or her family after the lockdown would be your restaurant.

Hence, for takeaways, it becomes necessary that you make a different menu. There are several printing companies that along with simple restaurant menu printing have a dedicated part for the takeaway menu printing. Because to be in the game everyone is trying new strategies as to how to beat the rest.

Will it make any change?

Well, printing customized menu cards are surely much more cost-effective and a viable solution than hiring a million-dollar MBA for marketing.

People always get excited when something new comes in the market. If your new menu catches the eye of the people then change is surely inevitable.